Dropping Courses

Students in some schools may drop a course online by appointment using SSOL until the drop deadline. With the exception of certain courses, the final dates for dropping courses are on the Academic Calendar.

Failing to attend or providing unofficial notification to the instructor do not constitute dropping a course. Students who stop attending class without officially withdrawing or dropping must be assigned a grade by the instructor even if they have not completed any substantive work in the course.

Post-Change of Program Add/Drop Period

The Post-Change of Program Add/Drop Period feature for course registration adjustments in SSOL went live for participating schools on Monday, February 3, 2014, following the Spring 2014 Change of Program period. The Post-Change of Program Add/Drop Period allows students to add and drop certain courses, subject to approval by their school and/or the instructor, online. Students are responsible for any financial liabilities that result.

We have developed the following reference documents to help students use this service: