Cross-registration constitutes taking a class within the University in a school other than your own. Examples of students who cross-register are:

  • Undergraduates who take graduate (level 4000 or above) classes

  • Graduate students who register for language classes (level 3000 or below)

  • Professional students who take a class in a different professional school

Students are not allowed to cross-register on the phone or web registration systems. If you wish to cross-register, you must bring signed approvals to the Office of the Registrar. Students who cross-register will be graded on the A-F grading scale only.

Permission to register for classes in other divisions and schools depends on:

  • Availability of the class

  • Regulations of the school that offers it

  • Your academic status

  • Regulations of the student's home school

For specific information about adding a classfrom another division, you should review the Online Directory of Classes to check:

  • Whether the class is graduate or undergraduate level

  • Which department/school is offering the class

  • Whether approval is required

  • To whom priority for admission is given

Approval may require:

  • Instructor's signature

  • Signature by the department or Dean of Student Affairs from the school offering the class

  • Permission from your own department, advisor or Student Affairs Office

Some schools, such as the Graduate School of Business and the Columbia Journalism School, have their own forms and specific guidelines for any cross-registration into their classes.

If you wish to cross-register, you should check your school's bulletin. You should also contact your Student Affairs office and/or advisor for cross-registration guidelines and procedures.


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