Classroom Event Scheduling

Reservation Process

Official student organizations may reserve a classroom with the sponsorship of Student Activities. No rental fee is required. However, charges may apply for cleaning and security, if necessary. To reserve a classroom for an event sponsored by a student organization, contact [email protected].

We know and appreciate that finding adequate space for events can be a challenge. If you do anticipate a need for space for a non-course event at the beginning of the semester, we encourage you to visit the University Events Management website to explore options there, as well as to consider alternative days and times to schedule the event.

Classrooms Available


Room Type Seating Type
Auditorium Fixed
Classroom Moved
Lecture Hall  
Seminar Room  

All lecture halls and auditoriums have fixed seats, all seminar rooms have movable seats, and classrooms come with either type of seats.

Note: Some classrooms are managed by individual departments. For these rooms, contact the department to make reservations.