A New Way to Plan Registration

Students: This spring, there is a new way to plan for your course registration and enrollment. “Vergil” is a web application that brings everything you need to shop for courses to one convenient location. Vergil will significantly enhance your course planning while eliminating the need to access multiple tools and separate sources of course information. Vergil is your “one-stop shop.”

Vergil contains consolidated course information from the Directory of Classes (DOC), CourseWorks, and school bulletins, and allows you to search for courses by instructor, date and time, department, subject area, key words, and more. Keep track of your courses of interest with Vergil’s Course Planner and graphical calendar interface, and then export your projected schedule to your other calendar apps. Browse courses intuitively while simultaneously accessing course information for multiple terms. Find syllabus, textbook information, and course evaluations when available before you commit to a course. When you’re done making choices, you can export your course selections to your SSOL Wish List and be ready to register as soon as your appointment time arrives.

With the efficiency and ease of use of Vergil, you’ll be totally prepared for registration knowing you have accessed all of the information necessary to make truly informed course decisions. With all of the extra time Vergil provides, you may even have time to brush up on Dante’s Inferno

Learn More About Vergil (PDF)

Vergil FAQ

Thursday, March 19, 2015
Available Date(s): 
Thursday, March 19, 2015 to Friday, May 29, 2015